The Company

Who we are?

The spirit of commitment of Tintia Drinks makes us understand that we have to be consequent with our environment in the first place, that is where we get our products and where we live in. With our clients on second place, they are the ones that have to satisfy with products that meets their expectations. And above all with ourselves, our energy, effort, dedication and involvement is the key to obtaining special products.

We are a young company, in constant evolution. We transfer our knowledge to the final product, improving every little detail and not forgetting the affection that we put in each thing that we do. We are constantly evolving to meet the needs of people who are different and looking for special moments, with new products to accompany them on this beautiful journey.

T intia Drinks has a solid relationship with our suppliers, who accompany us from the beginning. We are faithful to those who bet and collaborate with us from the beginning and we believe in long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients. At Tintia Drinks we are real entrepreneurs with long-term vision.

Absolutely all the benefits obtained in the next years will be reinvested in improving our company to differentiate us from the competition and give the customer a unique product, with the taste that we like. Our biggest investment are our customers, whom we want to keep satisfied offering a drink that they can trust. We use top quality ingredients, so that the product is according to your requirement. Our benefits and taxes will help to achieve our dreams.

We want to live in harmony with nature, protecting it, taking care of it and pampering it, in order to offer the customer a product that preserves their privacy, without being aggressive with the wine, grape or during the winemaking process, with an attitude of continuous improvement, professionalism and meticulousness in order to face this challenge.

To achieve this goal Tintia produces only vegan wines. This was not our goal when we started to develop this project, but it was the chosen path and our desire for improvement that has led us to obtain these products.