Tintia Premium Sangria

Sangria of different fruits

Our Sangria of artisan elaboration is fresh and natural, from the combination of an excellent ecological broth, of the Tempranillo variety, together with natural juices of different fruits standing the peach out.

The Cinnamon gives it a special uniqueness. Our sangria is balanced, high quality, with unique aromas of ripe fruits, and a fine bubble that brings a sparkling touch to the mouth. A drink of easy consumption, of marked aromatic character and strong personality.

Light and tasty, with a great presence of red fruits both in the olfactory phase of the tasting and in the gustatory phase, the spices offer a touch of singularity that turns the Tintia Sangria into a special sangria. The variety of wine used is a 100% organic tempranillo, elaborated following traditional methods, integrated with the last technology in fermentation with a 7.2% vol.

Size of bottle 75 Cl
Dimensions of the bottle 297mm x 83mm
Bottles per carton 6
Pallet Europallet
Cartons per pallet 115
Layers 5
Cartons per layer 23
Total pallet weight
Barcode (Bottle) 8437013762229
Dimensions of the carton 257 x 170 x 305
Barcode (Carton) 8437013762274