999 Bottles

999 Organic Chardonnay

Tintia has a clear goal: to offer the best interpretation of the Castilian character, gathering the diversity of its different terroirs and incorporate the new wine trends without losing the identity of grate grapes; offer wines that express the richness of a Chardonnay with the elegance of a well-worked vintage, following traditional methods of production together with natural processes suitable for vegans.

Tintia Organic Chardonnay is a fantastic wine from the land of Castile, a wine without complexes, fresh, very drinkable and very well assembled. It may show something closed at first but it is simply because it is discreet, in the sense of polite: it is not offensive, it is not opulent, it is subtle and refined.

The first drink will seduce you and you will quickly see the bottle empty. Concentrated in flavors but without excess of extraction, it is accessible, a delicate, floral wine, very elegant and select; without edges, almost perfect, we dare to say.

These wine is made exclusively with chardonnay grapes, vineyards rooted in limestone soils and with calcium carbonate subsoil, located between 700 and 1,200 mts. of altitude, in a landscape of great beauty. The precipitations are scarce, which causes the stress of the vineyard in the phase of ripening of the fruit, which contributes great quality to the obtained wines. A process of elaboration very careful that allows to reach a fantastic balance.

Of golden yellow tones with greenish tones. The nose is elegant and pleasant, with predominance of tropical fruits, pineapple, apricot and peach, and fresh flowers. In the mouth it is fresh and round and you can appreciate some notes of fruits and flowers. A wine that is a pleasure to drink. A fine wine, following a process of preparation suitable for vegans.

Size of bottle 75 Cl
Dimensions of the bottle 315 mmx 72,8 mm
Bottles per carton 6
Pallet Europallet
Cartons per pallet 100
Layers 4
Cartons per layer 25
Total pallet weight 810 Kg
Barcode (Bottle) 8437013762915
Dimensions of the carton 230 x 158 x 321
Barcode (Carton) Chardonnay 2016 LG1317ECH