Organic of the land of Castile, a wine without complexes, very fresh, very drinkable and well assembled.


Our sangria is balanced, high quality, with unique aromas of ripe fruit, and a fine bubble.

Tintia Summer Wine

It is a product very suggestive to the palate, fresh and fruity, highlighting its aromas of red fruits and citrus.

Tintia Apple and grape juice

An ideal product to take alone or to combine with salty dishes, perfect for those consumers who are looking for a non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage.

Quality and Excellence

Tintia Drinks is an innovative winery that produces a wide range of products from wine.

Product that preserves his primary characteristics is what Tintia want to offer to our costumers, without being aggressive with wine, grapes or in the vinification process, with an attitude of continuous improvement, professionalism and meticulousness to be able to face this challenge.

tintia drinks

We make good wine
and Natural Sangria

All our products are made with wine with vegan certification